Monday, August 27, 2012

BFE 60 Mile Relay in the Rain

This past Saturday was the 3rd Annual BFE 60 Mile Relay. It has not rained in 2 months, but all that changed of course, Saturday. As we drove the 21 mile drive south to Hastings from Grand Island, lightening was seen across the sky as far as the eye could see south and west of Hastings. We arrive at 6:25 for the 7:00 start, signed our waiver and headed to the van to get ready. Then Thor threw a lightening bolt our way with a clap of Thunder for good measure and the PA Announcer states, "new scheduled start, 7:20".

Ron, our first leg warmed up and at 7:20 in a down pour was at the starting line. The horn sounded and off he went doe his 4 mile jaunt. We drove to exchange #1 and Paula anxiously awaited her turn. Ron came in first place to the first hand off. Paula had a 3 mile leg and brought had to run in a blinding rain. Water was 2 to 3 inches deep in the street which made for a tough run. Then it was out to the country as most of this race was scheduled to be ran on gravel covered country roads.Paula came to exchange #2 in good shape and we were in 7th place. Josh took the baton, well okay, pink hair scroungy and off he went for his 3 mile leg. He made up ground and handed the scrounge off with our team in 5th place. His wife Jessie was next with a 3 mile leg and she handed off to Joe for his 4.5 mile run. The roads were sloppy, soft, down right muddy and difficult to run on. Joe handed off to me for my 6.5 mile leg and we were in 5th place with 2 runners within 20 to 50 yards of me. I ran a 44:46 for a 6:56 average pace per mile and pulled far ahead of the two runners behind me and closed ground on the #4 runner. The first 5.5 miles I ran was again gravel road, the last mile black top. I handed off to Lauren for her 5.5 mile journey. She is an amazing runner with a 3:02 Marathon PR. She clipped off 7 minute miles and looked as though she could run that pace forever.Lauren moved us into 4th place. She also caught the 3rd place team and we would battle them the rest of the afternoon. We were the 1st place Co-ed team at this point and remained in 1st the rest to the way.

This rotation continued, the good news was they adjusted the route for the rain. The bad part was that it required running on the shoulder of a busy highway for a mile or two and running on not so busy black top county roads and highways in a rural area where they don't see many runners. It worked out for the best and all 27 teams returned safe and sound. I was able to run a 19:50 for my final 3 mile leg for a 6:36 average mile pace.

As we finished the sun was shining and we were ready for the post race party. Beer, Food and Music. BFE actually is the abbreviation for Beverage, Food and Fun. The proceeds go to the local Girls on the Run program so it is for a good cause. We finished the day 3rd overall and 1st in the co-ed Division. BFE Relay Hastings, Ne has a face book page if anyone is bored and wants to venture to their page.

Our team for the past 2 years has been named Barney, (I am Barney), and his Draggin Butts Runners. I am team Captain so I told the gang that if they won the title we would change our name next year to Barney and The Jets, so it looks like a new name is in order.

From left to right: Ron, Lauren, Paula, Josh, Jess, Joe and me.

It rained most of the race, over 2 inches, but that was okay. We needed the rain! It has been a drought like we haven't seen in a long while.

On an unrelated note, keep my oldest daughter in your thoughts as she and her staff evacuate their Shelter kids out of New Orleans tonight seeking higher ground. They are off to Lafayette tonight , then will decide tomorrow what their next move will be. Keep all the folks along the Gulf Coast in your thoughts, may they be safe!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Midnight 5K Run Checked off the List

I was in Alabama last week. I had a contract training for a youth care facility. While I happened to be in the area, what the heck, I just as well find a race. I checked the Trak Shak web site and the Birmingham Track Club site and found 2 races. Both were 5K's, one was a morning run in Lincoln, AL. the problem was I would have to check out the hotel, run and board my flight with no shower. The second choice was drive 45 miles north and run in Cullman, AL in the Eva Bank Midnight 5K. That seemed like the logical choice. I called my good friend Sammy in Fultondale, ( I lived in AL for 7 years), and picked him up on the way. He is 72 and needs a new knee so he can't run anymore so it was nice of him to ride along.

We had monsoon rain from 5:30 until 7:30 with street flooding. I rained all the way to Cullman, but the rain stopped at 10:45. The race began at 11:59pm and ended Saturday morning. I ran a bit slower than I have been running. All summer I have been in the 19:20 to 19:35 range. I ran the Midnight 5K in 20:22. It was good for a 35th place overall finish out of 595 and a 1st in the 55-59 AG. I didn't wear George ( my garmin), but some of the guys that did said the course was 3.2. It was a good race and I can now say I raced at midnight. It was then back to Birmingham. I dropped Sammy off and got to the hotel at 3:00 am, a quick beer and off to bed for a few hours sleep and then up and back to Nebraska.

I did have to take a 6 day break the week before my Alabama trip. I ran in my hometown on July 28th. It was a 5K as well. I was 3rd overall and ran a 19:36. After the race my ankle swelled up. I ran my 19 miler the next day and it swelled again. I ran on Monday but Tuesday the swelling and pain got to me. I went to my PA, (she is a runner). She x-rayed it and said the picture did not show a fracture. She said we should do an MRI but she said they are $4,000 so she suggested a steroid, ice, rest, elevation at night and ibuprofen. She felt it was tendinitis and she said if it wasn't better after that, then we would do the MRI. So far so good. I did 16 on Sunday, rested Monday and did 9 tonight at a 7:55 average pace. So far so good.

Well that about does it in the exciting world of Bubble Boy. I love it when rumors get spread about me in this town, because if it weren't for rumors I would have no social life.

Have a great rest of the week.