Monday, January 31, 2011

Getting Started is the hardest part!

I have been a blogger for about one year on the RW Loop. I have followed I Like Margarine and Runwithjill for about six months. I have even had the honor of having Jill as my coach and will have her as a coach again for New York 2011 as I have already been accepted thanks to a 1:38:35 Half in Lincoln, Ne last May. Being an old fart has its perks.

We are in the grasp of another blizzard as I blog. 40 to 45 mile per hour gusts. I drove home to day in white out conditions. I am so ready for Spring that I just signed up for a St Patricks Run. It is on March 12th instead of the 17th, but at least there is green beer and it will force me to get of the couch and start training again and held between Omaha and Lincoln.

Just a little about myself. I am the fathter of 6 children. 5 biological and 1 special needs son who is 11, non verbal and still in diapers, a handful, but we wouldn't trade him for anything. He has been with us for 7 and 1/2 years. My oldest daughter works with troubled teenagers in a group home in New Orleans, my #2 daughter teaches 2nd grade ESL students Math and English in Omaha, #3daughter is at home and waits tables at Perkins, #4 son is at UAB in Birmingham as an Elementary Ed major and #5 daughter will graduate from High School in May and was just accepted in to the New York City School of Dramatic Arts. She has also been accepted to Oklahoma City University and the University of Nebraska in Lincoln. My wife of 30 years is a Speech Therapist.

Enough, I love to run. I am coming off a rest as I tore myself up pretty good last year. I ran 3 Half and a full Marathon in Chicago. I tanked in the heat and ran 4:04. I also ran several 10K's, 5 milers, 5K's. My PR for the Marathon is from 1980 in Lincoln at 3:05:05 and I ran a 3:05:48 in Pecsacola Blue Angle in 1998. I have ran Boston 2 times, in 1996 in a time of 3:25 and some change and in 2000 in 3:13 and some change, 3:11 and change chip time.


  1. That's a great write-up about yourself and your family! I bet your son LOVED it when your daugther's had their girlfriends over :).

    Nothing more motivating to get yourself eating better and hopefully feeling better than an upcoming race!!!

    I look forward to you feeling better and with that leg and holy smokes, what a major score you got with the shoes!! I have nothing even remotely close to that deal (but going to get you some samples of the protein drink, if I can!!).

    Safe travels to OC this weekend!!

  2. HI!!! I wasn't sure where to contact you, but I wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOUUUUUUU for your donation to St. Jude in my name. I appreciate it so much!