Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A 5K Report from Mayberry

Okay, I lied, it wasn't really Mayberry. But it is a lot like a Mayberry.

Today I headed west about 25 minutes and ran a 5K Race in Shelton, Nebraska. It is a small town of somewhere around 800 people I would guess. Much like most small towns scattered throughout Nebraska. It is a clean town where neighbors still know each other and watch out for each other. Kids can go to the park and not end up on a milk carton.

As I pulled up to register for the race there is also a sand volleyball tournament and a horse shoe tournament going on. Cool, just the way I remember small town USA, or at least small town Nebraska.

I have written a time or two on this blog site and on another site about the loss I feel with Andy Griffith's death. I recently read a Lewis Grizzard book, 'Elvis is Dead And I Don't Feel So Good Myself". Lewis is a Southern Humorist and now deceased, but I love his writings! He talks about when Elvis dies he realizes he doesn't fit or understand the culture of his day. He relates more to the 40's and 50's and those adults. I feel much the same way today. I am a throw back that likes how my childhood and teenage years were, safe and fun, yet respectful of others. Especially adults in my world.

I often feel today that we have lost that. People think that life should serve them. They are primarily concerned with themselves and their immediate family and think every other person should cater to them. Plus I still can't figure out tattoos and piercings in places that really make me cringe and personally don't even like my Doctor to examine yet alone the local piercing guy. As for tattoos, I had one once a year or two back, it was a fierce frog on my right shoulder, Kermit I think was his name. I beat out a 4 year old for the last Kermit tattoo. Poor kid cried for a week, but if you are going to get a tat, you better toughen up kid. Unfortunately, it washed off after just one bath, dang.

Anyway, now that Andy had passed, or should I say Sheriff Taylor. Mayberry will never be the same. It just won't be safe anymore. And if I end up on trial, Mattlock will not be there to prove my innocence. I miss the simple life when you didn't need a Lawyer and you didn't have to be home until the street lights came on.

What's all this have to do with my 5K race? Nothing I guess. Except that spending 3 hours in Shelton today reminded me that I am not alone. Lots of people still like the simple life. BBQ's, parades, road races, sand volleyball, horse shoes, sitting on the front porch with an ice cold coke talking to neighbors. Life is still good in their corner of the universe. I am not naive enough to think that Meth, Crime, Poverty, Divorce and all the things that haunt us today aren't there. but for a couple hours today I was in Mayberry. Mayberry, oh how I miss you!

As for the race, I had a good one. 19:30 and a 5th place overall finish. 1st in the 50-59 AG. Then it was off to Minden to see my parents and enjoy time with Mom and Dad, Mrs TO and Little "B". Grilled steak and chicken, homemade ice cream, ah, this is paradise. Happy 4th of July 2012.


  1. That's a pretty speedy time for a 5K my friend...very impressive!!!

    Mayberry...i just love Andy Griffith and can relish many childhood memories spending hours watching the innocent and naive we were back then!

    I have come across a few of your comments on others blogs and are very impressed by your words and what you have to offer, both in the running world and in life! thank you for sharing, and I look forward to learning more about ya!!! New follower here...hope you had a GREAT 4th of July!

    1. Thank you, much appreciated! It really was a great 4th of July. I miss Mayberry! Thanks for the kind words and I will follow ya back. Have a great weekend. Watch a few Mayberry re-runs and spend some time on the front porch!!