Monday, July 16, 2012

Bloomsday 2012 SURPRISE and A Midsummer Night's Trail Run

I just picked up the mail and received a wonderful SURPRISE! I ran Bloomsday 12K - 2012 this past May and ran well. I couldn't get in corral 1 or 2 as it was my first Bloomsday, but I did earn a Yellow start corral with my 40:55 10K from a race here in Grand Island in April and my 3:36:30 Marathon at Surf City in February 2012. I ran a 51:22 and I knew that it was good for a 10th place finish in my age group. What I didn't know is that they give medals for the top 10 in the division. As many of you may know, Bloomsday 12K is the 2nd largest road race in America next to the Peachtree 10K in Atlanta. Bloomsday had 48, 154 finishers this year and I was 551 overall. So what was the SURPRISE, a beautiful bronze 10th place finishers medal for the 55-59 age group! My two Boston finishers Medals are special, as are my many AG awards that I have won throughout the years. But I must say, this one, at least today is the most special. It was my first attempt at Bloomsday, I stressed about Doomsday hill and then nailed it with a 6:53 pace up that bugger bear. If I had started in corral 2 or even 1, who knows, maybe a top 5 finish, maybe I am dreaming. But for today I am on Cloud # 9.

This past Saturday night I drove just south and west of Hastings Nebraska to run A Midsummer Nights Trail Race. It was slated as a 4 miler but ended up being 3.67 miles. A night run, Nebraska's first and to my knowledge only night trail run. The course was challenging with hills, trails through wooded areas, on a mowed alfalfa field and some gravel. I purchased a head lamp, but really didn't need it. The race started at 9p and I ran the 3.67 miles in 25:48, (7:02 avg),  so I was done before total night fall by about 5 to 10 minutes. It was a challenge and a whole lot of fun. Mile 1 I hit 6:33, mile 2 was a bit more challenging and I came through the mile marker at 7:11. The next mile offered the most twists, turns, climbs and rough terrain, mile 3 was 7:33. I finished the final .67 in 4:24 for which equates to a 6:34 pace according to George (for those of you new to my blogs, that is my garmin). I was 11th overall in a field of 200 and 1st in the 50-59 age group. The awards were at 10:30 and then I drove the 45 minute  drive home and was home by midnight. A well organized and fun event for sure!

Sunday I had a 16 mile run and averaged 8:02 per mile. With the heat and the late night trail run it made it harder than it needed to be. I would complain about the heat and humidity and the dry conditions, but more than half the nation is in the same boat. The South Platte channel of the Platte River south of town is bone dry. It was at flood stage last year, this year bone dry. The forecast for today and tomorrow 101, both days. the 10 day calls for dry and mid to upper 90's with heat indexes in the 100's. The 30 day isn't any better. In fact long range models call for record heat through October. So instead of complaining, I will pray for rain and be thankful for the many blessings that are in my life. On July 11th my wife and I celebrated 31 wonderful years together.

On a final note if you are a praying type, please keep my father in your prayers. I just learned this afternoon that his appointment with a Cardiologist didn't go so well. He has a leak in his Aorta and it will require surgery. He had open heart surgery 10 years ago. He had cancer and was given 6 months to live 32 years ago. At this time he told his Doctor that he doesn't want to go through surgery again. He told his Doc he is 86 and you got to die from something. They discussed options, but surgery is the best plan. Dad will take a new medication, take a stress test next Monday and meet with his Cardiologist again in a Month. I hope and pray he opts for the surgery. Ultimately it is his choice. He lost a leg and part of both lungs from the time he was 52 years old to 54 years old. He has fought off Cancer and won. He is my Hero and I would like to keep him around for a few more years. He had a non-smokers lung cancer. He was a barber so my guess is second hand smoke is what caused the cancer, he was a non-smoker.

My final point is be thankful. I am 55 and still running. I know it is hot and dry and I am not rich. But as Daryl Worley says in song, "all things considered, I'm doing better....than I deserve!

Run on my friends....Long  may you run!


  1. Congrats on Bloomsday! That race is on my bucket list and since my sister in law lives close to it, I am hoping to make it a reality soon!

    Yes the heat and humidity..blah!

    Just said a quick prayer for your dad. My grandfather had lung cancer. He was a smoker for many years though.

    1. Thsnk you Christy!

      Bloomsday was a great time, I would highly recommend it!! I plan to go again next year.

  2. Sorry to read about your dad. He sure sounds like a fighter, though! I just sent up a prayer for you both. Lung cancer seems to be a family issue with us, but many smokers in the family.

    Nice work at Bloomsday! That is a HUGE race I have heard. Enjoy cloud 9 :)

  3. Sorry for the long delay in commenting...blogging has taken a backseat again - must get back to that.

    Congratulations on your placement at Bloomsday - that is awesome! I think earning those medals are a bit on a different level than say the Boston finishers medal because you actually had to run well to earn it :). I have a Bolder Boulder medal I carry around on my means a lot to me as does your Bloomsday :).

    Sorry about your dad...I will keep him in my thoughts and prayers. My mom died of lunch cancer when I was pretty young...but she was a smoker. Your dad is a toughie, he's going to fight hard I'm sure!