Monday, July 9, 2012

Color me Rad Run With my Daughter

I spent this past Sunday doing something I rarely if ever have done before. I ran a 5K Race with no clock, no awards and no pre-set goals other than to have fun. Let me explain.

It started Saturday afternoon when my #2 daughter (of 4), called and said she was running the Omaha/Council Bluffs Color Me Rad run. I said I had wanted to run one, but they were filling up too fast. She suggested I come to Council Bluffs, Iowa and run with her and her friends.

At first I said no, it won't work. I have a 16 miler on the schedule for Sunday. Then with my wife's urging I said what the heck, I still have time to run the 16 tonight and then we can get up and leave at 5am and get there in time for the run in the morning. So at 7:10pm out the door I went for my 16 miler and 2:14 later I was home. I the ran to WalMart at 11:00 for a white shirt and shorts for the Color Me Rad run.

My wife got up at 4a and I rolled out at 4:30. we got Little "B" up at 4:45 and got him and Bah Boo in the car and we were off. We got to Council Bluffs at 7:40. I went into the Mid America Center and registered, $50, OUCH. A portion goes to Special Olympics so that eased some of the pain. I think it would have been $40 if I pre - registered. I complained for a while about the price of racing today, then remembered with my wife's gentle nudge that I was there to enjoy time with my daughter.

The race began in waves, we went in the 3rd wave at 9:15. This is what we looked like at the start.

This is a friend of my daughters, my daughter D, Little "B" and me.

If you have never done a color run, one of this years new money making gimmicks. Oops, there I go again. You run, jog, walk or crawl a 3.1 mile course and they throw colored dust on you. That is what the white Man from Glad apparel is all about. I have to admit, it was a riot. My daughter and I had some good laughs and it was quite fun. The concept is to get all shapes and sizes of people out and moving. It was neat to see old, young, tall, short, thin and large people all participating. Here is after shot.

This is me, D and her friend Faith and Little "B" s trusty pup bah boo, our 10 month old Golden Doodle.

This is my favorite picture of all

Me and D after the race.

What a great day. It was worth re-arranging my schedule for, that is for certain.

I would encourage you all to be sure and take time to laugh and play with your loved ones. My good friend Gregg reminds me often that life comes with an expiration date. A family I know from my home town experienced that this summer. About a month ago their oldest son (of 3 boys), was returning from a basketball camp with is High School team at the school he coaches at from Broken Bow. His assistant coach was driving when an old man in a pick up had a heart attach and swerved into their lane hitting them head on.Both coaches and the older gentleman were killed. Fortunately the all the boys in van lived and only one suffered critical injuries, he is recovering now. My heart and prayers go out to the families of all involved in this tragic accient!

That reminded me that that life is precious and shouldn't be taken lightly. Each day is a gift, live it to it's fullest. So take time to enjoy the ones you love, and as you part ways be sure to do so with a hug, a kiss and a simple "I Love you".

Long may you run.


  1. so touching...but so true! Life is short, and we should play long and hard ;)

    Great post...great memories it will give you...and even a better choice that you decided to go!!!

  2. Thank you. Yes it was a good decision. I just wish it wouldn't have taken 55 years to make these kind of choices!

  3. You're right. I have three kids and they're always wanting so much time with me. I do my best but I still feel guilty when I can't give them every second of my time. We're always hoping that we do enough as parents ya know! :)

  4. Enjoy them while they are young Coy, they grow up far too fast!

  5. Hi! Just found your blog. Something about "bubble boy" makes a person curious.
    Nice race recap- Glad you were able to re-arrange and just have a little fun. I should do that from time to time too.
    Thanks for the reminder about the expiration date- so true!

  6. Raina, Bubble Boy comes from coach runwithjill. I wanted to get a flu shot before Chicago Marathon. She said I shouldn't if I had never done it before. Somehow she dubbed me Bubble Boy after that:).

    1. That is a GREAT story! And very Jill-esque :) haha! I would like a pre-race bubble. NOT happening with 3,5,7 year old sons.

  7. Hahahah...I can just see you complaining about the price of the race beforehand. So you! :)

    But time spent with your family is priceless and I'm so happy you got to do it together - even if you didn't A-ok it with me first. Hehe. You and your daughter look adorable all painted up!! :)

    1. Jilly Beans, I have learned when dealing with you that it is far better to go do it and then seek forgiveness later :). I promise not to complain at Lake MacBride 50K in March!

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