Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Incoming, an Explosive Run

July 3rd around the Island and the skies are lightening up with the red, green and gold glare of fireworks. It was 101 degrees today, so I waited until 9:00pm for my run. The only drawback is fireworks, or rather, dodging them. Tonight I just had a 4 miler at base pace, (8:02 - 8:38). I knew I had better not doddle, fireworks were a flying. I was in a good rhythm, a bit faster than 8:00, I actually averaged 7:49 and ran a 39:06. But it felt comfortable and smooth. I was at my 2.5 turnaround and was greeted by an M-80, what a blast! The man that tossed it didn't see me coming and apologized. I just smiled and made light of it by yelling, " INCOMING". He and his buddy got a good laugh out of that and what the heck, life is too short to get mad at such a thing.

Tonight's random thoughts focused on non other than Andy Griffith. I loved that guy, Mattlock was favorite. Oh, heck no, Mayberry was my favorite. Aunt Bea and Opie, Barney and Gomer, Goober, Floyd and Howard Sprauge. Amos and Ernst T Bass. I miss those days. Which got me to thinking about these days. They are just not as simple as Mayberry. My favorite football team, once known as the Aints, now the Super Bowl Champions Saints get caught cheating. Then my favorite QB, Drew Breeze is holding out for a 5 year $100 Million deal. Wow, I am a misfit. How the heck much money does one need, and to play a dad burn game for Pete's sake! Most of my friends tell me, this is America, that is how it is done. I say, "horse hockey". They tell me I must be a Socialist or a Democrat and that this is free enterprise. I call it shear greed and I know Sheriff Andy Taylor in Mayberry would testify!

How about we start paying school teachers One Million a year? How about Child Protection Workers who put their life on the line to confront abusive neglectful parents. Oh, I forget, that doesn't make anyone any money. It is a drain on the Free Enterprise, Capitalistic society. If they wanted to make more, they should have learned to shoot a basketball or throw a football or climb a Corporate ladder. Instead, they choose to nurture and care for, teach and watch out for future generations. Give me a break. Greed is greed, pure and simple. The more we have the more we want. Regardless of how we get it.

Okay, enough. But today I am grieving. A little part of me died today with Andy. Mayberry will never be the same. It takes me to the country song, "I miss Mayberry, sittin on the porch drinkin ice cold cherry, coke, where everything is black and white". Rest in Peace Andy, thanks for the memories of a time long forgotten.

Then, I spot my friends and they are about to watch the Riverside Country Club Fireworks. My run is done and they suggest I join them for a cold beer and a seat with a good view of the show. Maybe, just maybe Mayberry is alive and well. Again, thanks Andy.

Tomorrow morning will come early. I am off to Shelton to run a 5K. The race director is a cool kid, only 17. It will be a hot race, only about 70 runners will show up. Come to think of it, another taste of Mayberry.

Live Simple, Run long and have a great 4th of July!

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